PMC Gold Starfire

PMC Starfire .357 Magnum

I had the opportunity to get some much needed trigger time Sunday. It served to remind me that I need more trigger time. One of the guns out on the range was the Rossi 971 (chambered in .357 Magnum) so I took the opportunity fire the PMC Gold Starfire 150gr SFHP kindly provided by Lucky Gunner.

For a control group, I compared the PMC to Remington UMC 125gr JSP out of the same gun.

While I can not comment on muzzle blast as I was shooting in the middle of the afternoon (in the 104° Texas heat), the PMC rounds appeared to be superior for home defense purposes in all other respects.

Noise from the PMC was lower — granted this is a .357 Magnum so it’s going to be loud, but it did seem quieter.

Cylinder blast, as noted by the other shooter out with me, was vastly worse with the Remington rounds.

Recoil from the PMC spoiled me, so much that the Remington surprised me when I went back to fire some more of them.

None of the rounds were recovered, so I cannot conclusively speak to expansion. However, given the construction of the rounds (SFHP vs JSP) I would give the edge to the PMC by default.

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