Hardly a hero?

Vic Stacy never served in the military, and he never had any police training.

But when a gunman shot and killed a couple in the RV park where they all lived Sunday afternoon, Stacy reacted with the composure — and the marksmanship — of a man who had been training for such a moment all his life.

He’s a hero, many Brown County residents are saying.

And I would agree with what the residents of Brown County are saying. Multiple hits on the attacker from a distance of 165 yards to not only stop the threat but to save a police officer’s life? Yeah. You’re a hero Vic.

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One thought on “Hardly a hero?

  1. It says that he ‘has plans to buy the equipment he needs to produce handmade saddle bags and similar leather goods.’

    Please let us know if that happens. I’d like to buy a holster from that man.

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