Code Maroon: College Station Shooting near Texas A&M

Code Maroon
Update on active shooter: CSPD reports that the shooter is in custody. Continue to avoid the area. 12:44 PM

Code Maroon
Update on active shooter in College Station: The location of the active shooter is in the 200 block of Fidelity Dr. Stay away from the area. 12:38 PM

Avoid Area
CSPD reports an active shooter in the area immediately southeast of the intersection of Wellborn Rd and George Bush Drive. Please avoid the area. Residents in the immediate area need to remain inside their residence. 12:29 PM


No word on if there are injuries or fatalities at this time.

3 thoughts on “Code Maroon: College Station Shooting near Texas A&M

  1. NO NO NO NO NO!

    NOT shooter at Texas A&M Dammit!!!!!!!!

    Shooting three blocks off of campus in a residential area. Not on campus not involving TAMU not a mass shooting.

    I just drove by on my way onto main campus and they have a good portion of the area blocked off but that is all south of George Bush Drive which is where the campus ends.

  2. A local radio news spot just said he had an “arsenal” of a moisen/nagant and a VZ 58. Hell of an arsenal, eh what?

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