Testing Carry Gear

Decided to give my carry gear a test today. Nothing overly scientific, mind you. I taped some small phone books together and soaked them in water for four hours. I set the target back 10-12 feet (didn’t exactly measure it out — remember the part about not being overly scientific?).

I drew from my holster and fired away, 8 shots in rapid succession. With the shape my Kel-Tec PF-9 was (lots of lint in nooks and crannies, and the gun was on the dry side), it worked flawlessly. The ammunition I’d been carrying for the last several months — Hornady Critical Defense — also performed admirably. Penetration averaged 6-8 inches, before the bullets started tearing out through the side. I was able to recover two for examination. Penetration and weight retention were excellent. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.



3 thoughts on “Testing Carry Gear

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  2. I am curious if you have done any polishing or any mods to your PF9.

    I also have a PF9 and have had reliability issues with feeding. Although I have not tried Critical Defense, I have tried Golden Sabre and Gold Dot and with both, I would experience at least 1 failure to feed in every 16 rounds. I should mention that my PF9 runs ball ammo without issue.

    I love the gun, but was forced to carry something else until I can get the reliability issues with defense ammo straightened out.

    Thanks for the blog and your time!

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