Senate set to approve controversial UN gun treaty

As the United Nations prepares its final push to ratify a controversial gun treaty, the U.S. Senate is set to approve the measure which critics say will not only give away U.S. sovereignty but directly attack the individual gun rights of American citizens, according to a report published Thursday at Stand Up America.

Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate.

Known as “the U.N. small arms treaty,” the measure would regulate private gun ownership, according to firearms rights watchdog groups.

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Now is the time to call your senator and let them know that you do not want them to support the UN treaty.

2 thoughts on “Senate set to approve controversial UN gun treaty

  1. Come on… Any treaty to be ratified by the Senate requires a 2/3 majority and POTUS signature. While I could see Obama signing something like this, they don’t have that many votes in the Senate. There are too many of team blue that wouldn’t vote for this.

    I also don’t think Obama would sign this before November. If he gets reelected, I could see him signing this, but that’s why you have to keep electing the right (read: freedom loving, not necessarily from team red) people to Congress.

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