Federalism and the Second Amendment

It is important for you to know, especially if you’re a new listener to this program, the federal Bill of Rights does not guarantee you one solitary thing in your state, nothing, zero, zilch, nada, nothing. If you read the presentation to the states to ratify that Bill of Rights, if you read what it was that Congress said when they passed them, if you read the preamble that was inserted into the Bill of Rights, it is clear, anyone alive at the time would have told you this, this would have been 100 percent unanimous, those ten amendments that were ratified were meant as prohibitions only and specifically at what the general government could do.

So when you run around waving your Second Amendment, don’t wave it at your state legislature because it doesn’t apply. It only applies to Congress. So that’s the bad news for you. You’ve been taught your whole life that the Second Amendment is universal and it controls every living firearm from here to Romulus to LV-426, all the way to the ice world of Hoth and then back to the Titan moon of Saturn. That is incorrect. It only applies to the general government. Now, in this instance, this is the good news for you, that means that Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer and all the other schemers and connivers out to be impeached for even having a discussion over keeping and bearing arms. They have no say so in the matter whatsoever, none. The only power that they may exercise is an Article I power, which is over the militia. That is the only power that they have. That is the only power that they were granted. Anything else, they have taken. They need to give it back, obviously. So your Brady Bill, all that crap is unconstitutional.

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One thought on “Federalism and the Second Amendment

  1. What is this crap? Who wrote this. They are sorely misinformed.

    This was all true back in the day, but you know, other amendments have been passed since the 1790s. Like the 26th amendment and the 21st amendment, and who doesn’t love the 21st amendment?

    So, you may want to check out the 14th amendment because the 2nd amendment DOES apply to your state legislature. In fact many (although not all of them, and not all in their entirety) of the first ten amendments apply to the states.

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