Fast and Furious: Political Appointees “Responsible” for Approving Lethal Tactics

Back in February 2012, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa in partnership with Senator Grassley and Rep. Meehan requested DOJ assistance in obtaining the wiretap applications used and approved during Operation Fast and Furious. Issa requested these documents in an effort to further determine which senior DOJ officials knew and approved of the lethal program. Attorney General Eric Holder has said under oath in Congressional testimony that nobody at the Justice Department “has lied” and about Fast and Furious despite his own Assistant General Lanny Breuer approving a letter to Congress in February 2011 denying gunwalking tactics and knowledge about Fast and Furious. That letter was so full of falsehoods, it had to be withdrawn. Holder has also said his Department is in no way engaged in a cover-up.

Now, after obtaining six copies of Fast and Furious wiretap applications and seven wire intercepts, senior DOJ official claims, including Holder’s, that this was a “low level” “rogue agent” operation that senior DOJ officials knew nothing about, are further proven false. Wiretap applications, which require excruciating detail about a case to be provided before being approved, were approved not once, but multiple times throughout 2010. Remember, not one single DOJ official admits to knowing about Fast and Furious while it was ongoing and active throughout 2010.

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