New Gear

I had the pleasure of trying out some new gear today.

The first item was the SureFire EP3 ear protection, which I found out about from Richard Mann. I can’t say enough good things about these plugs! They fit my ears extremely well, were plenty comfortable, and muffled the sound of .22LR and .38 very nicely. I’ve always had a hard time, even with ‘low profile’ over-the-ear muffs when shooting rifles. A lot of the time, they would prevent a good solid cheek weld. Now I won’t have that problem any more. Thank you Richard!

The second item was the Radians eye protection. These are without a doubt the most comfortable shooting glasses I have ever worn. As the Hunter model is rimless, it was as if I was not even wearing glasses at all. These are now my new go to glasses, and I’ll be recommending them to all my friends.