Becoming an Airsoft Sniper

Every Airsoft player at one point of time has the desire to become a sniper. On certain occasions, he has to become a sniper because the team decides to make him a sniper. Becoming an Airsoft sniper is not an easy task, but it is also a highly rewarding experience. Here are a few things about the role of the sniper and the guns that need to be used.

Understanding the needs
A sniper must understand what the requirements of his role are. If this is not done correctly then it is possible that the sniper will get frustrated and move on to a different role or might leave Airsoft altogether. The gun plays a very important role and you as a sniper should go for an EG or a semi automatic for a short period. If you find it to be suitable to your style then you should move o to a Maruzen or a different rifle. Clone guns are not the best buy because they are mass manufactured and will always have minor defects. If you buy one with 470 FPS with 0.2, it will wither away to 410 FPS with 0.2 after 500 or so shots.

Side-arms are an extremely important component of a sniper’s arsenal. Usually they will come for about $25 – $100. It is better to invest this money because side-arms come in very handy when you find yourself cornered. Holster and pistol are the recommended side-arms and it is best to have a semi-automatic. With semi-automatic or automatic side arms, it also makes sense to have adequate amount of ammunition.

Type of rifle and pistol
A sprig rifle is the best option to use as they are quite precise. 300 FPS rifle is good enough and you should not look for one that has a high FPS because it does not help you in a big way. Heavier BBs are always preferred because they give you more accuracy in windy conditions. The pistol that you use should have FPS of abut 275 and you should use 0.20 BBS. This is because you will be using the pistol at a close range.

Tips to help you
It is also essential to become completely familiar with your rifle. You should spend time in understanding how the gun works and how it reacts in different climatic conditions. Also, play around with the hop up setting and find out which positions suits you the best. You should also try to find the maximum range till which your gun is effective.

Use high quality BBs and they should be heavier than normal BBs. Also replace your stock barrel with a precision barrel. Make sure that this is done before you do FPS mods or install other upgrades.

Airsoft sniping is not as much fun as you might think. Snipers usually have the least kills in an Airsoft game and a large part of their time is spent sitting away in a single position. Your role in the field will be determined by your leader and often you might just be used as an observing tool.

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  1. Thats very true jack, Rattling equipment will also leave you as an easy target to a CQB weapon so its important to replace any old sniper or shotgun that makes noise read more about this on my sniping blog

  2. Another point is that most snipers now a days are using pistols as a sidearm, but why? Have you ever thought why am I using a pistol? Your mobility is already compromised by the weight of your airsoft sniper and all the sniping gear. So why not add a shotgun to your loadout? check this out
    It seems stupid cause thats so much to hold but I can assure you with the 3 shots this shotgun shoots you’ll be keeping those CQB loadouts of your ass! Also its so cheap you might as well, what a great addition to any arsenal!

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