A VT Victim’s Parent Speaks Out AGAINST Gun Control

Immediately after the Virginia Tech massacre, a few of the families of the Virginia Tech victims anointed themselves as the official spokespersons for all of the Virginia Tech victims and victim’s families. They are cocksure that they have the solution: more gun control. Forget that guns were banned on campus back in 2007. Forget that Cho passed a background check TWICE. Forget that Cho followed the One Handgun A Month law to the letter. Forget that massacres always seem to happen at gun-free-zones, like schools and malls, but not a places like gun shows.

One mother, Holly Adams, whose daughter, Leslie, was murdered by Cho, has chosen to speak out against the insanity of the continued banning of guns at universities and colleges. She knows in her heart that the only way her daughter could have been saved on that horrible day was for someone to have been able to shoot back at Cho. She doesn’t want to have another parent go through what she did because she did not speak up about the dangers of gun control.

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