Why We Have The Second Amendment

Some anti-Second Amendment hate page (yup, if you oppose my civil rights, I will call you a hate group) claims that it’s “now easier to buy a truckful of guns than it is to vote.”

Assuming Mosin Nagants, small box truck, 10 crates of 20 would be $13,000 plus shipping. I can vote for free, or $5 for an ID in states that require it.

Now, if they mean what it costs for a vote that MATTERS…

Well, that’s why we have the Second Amendment.

Michael Z. Williamson

2 thoughts on “Why We Have The Second Amendment

  1. I feel that I’m being discriminated against because I can’t afford a truckfull of Mosin Nagants. Eric Holder better send an investigation team to look into this. My 2nd amendment rights are being denied here. Oops, I forgot Holder doesn’t believe in 2nd amendment rights.

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