Remington Arms Company Threatens To Pull Plant Out Of New York

One of the world’s major gun manufacturers is threatening to pull its plant out of New York over a gun bill pushed by Mayor Bloomberg.

Remington Arms Company, in a recent letter to Gov. Cuomo, said it may be forced to bail on the Empire State if a law requiring bullet casings to carry unique markings is enacted.

Supporters argue the technology, known as microstamping, would help solve gun crimes. Detractors say it’s unreliable, easily tampered with and costly.

Remington has a manufacturing plant that employs more than 1,000 workers in the village of Ilion, about 90 miles west of Albany.

“Mandating firearms micro- stamping will restrict the ability of Remington to expand business in the Empire State,” company chief strategy officer Stephen Jackson Jr. wrote to Cuomo.

“Worse yet, Remington could be forced to reconsider its commitment to the New York market altogether rather than spend the astronomical sums of money needed to completely reconfigure our manufacturing and assembly processes.”

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3 thoughts on “Remington Arms Company Threatens To Pull Plant Out Of New York

  1. If they do, pass along that there are several empty buildings in Evansville Indiana that would be perfect for production. We could use the employment oportunities.

  2. Southern Indiana would greatly Welcome and support Remington Arms Company. Please move to Warrick County, Indiana.

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