The Best BB Gun Designs

The first BB gun was launched in 1938. It was inspired by the western Winchester rifle. It grew to be an immensely popular weapon for recreation and several manufacturers began producing these guns in a variety of styles and designs. BB guns are also known as airsoft guns and are usually made for hunting and other recreational purposes.

Japan is known for perfecting the designs of these guns. This trend then went on to become popular in America and some of the most common BB guns are modeled on military rifles.

Airsoft gun designs

  • Automatic electric guns: The gearbox version 2 and 3 are among the most commonly used boxes in automatic electric guns. They are built primarily of very strong plastic with some parts made in metal. These boxes are convenient as they are easy to transform and upgrade. These gearboxes are easy to dismantle.
  • Revolver guns: A revolver is a gun that has one cylinder and a number of chambers. Each of these chambers can fit one piece of ammunition each. This design is very popular among airsoft fans.
  • Desert eagle point guns: These guns are semi-automatic and operate on gas or can be powered by a spring. This pistol has a metal barrel. This gun gives the accuracy of the real gun as it is modeled to the originals minutest detail. It is not compact and is a bit oversized, which makes it ideal for those who like guns that are slightly heavier.
  • Glock design: The glock airsoft guns are some of the most popular guns in the market. There are various modeled released, from which the Glock 17 is the most popular. These guns are extremely durable and perfect for rough use. The other factor that makes this design popular is its trigger safety mechanism. Glock airsoft guns are very similar to those used by the Special Forces and the police.
  • Luger design: These airsoft guns have a long barrel and great blowback. There are some variations that have shorter barrels for better portability. It is famous because this design gives the shooter a more realistic feel when compared to the other airsoft guns.
  • Beretta 92F: This design comprises of an open slide design. This facilitates easy feeding and ejection of ammunition, and also allows cooling of the barrel. The magazine release button can be reversible, making it ideal for left-handed use. The lock blocking barrels ensures excellent accuracy. Recently, the use of alloy frames has become popular in order to reduce the overall weight of the gun. The grips are however, almost always made of plastic.

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