How available IS your carry pistol?

It’s winter, you’re bundled up; coat, sweater, gloves… AND suddenly you need to get to your carry pistol.

Can you?

Why am I asking?

Look at the last couple of months of attacks on females/elderly, and think about this from a slightly different point of view…

How do we dress? Inside out, right? Shirt, pants, belt, all the stuff that hangs off the belt (including that carry pistol); next comes that new loose knit sweater (don’t wanna be printing, don’t ya know), over than we put on the jacket, then the gloves.

When we get to work we reverse the process to some extent, right? But ONLY when we get back home do we actually get all the way down to the carry pistol and by then the gloves, jacket and sweater are off.

Did you check that the new sweater doesn’t hang up on any protrusions on the pistol? Did you check that you can actually sweep the jacket back to get TO the sweater to get to the pistol? And those nice warm gloves, can you even get your finger IN the trigger guard without discharging the pistol?

I found out this last weekend the nicky neat new Isotoner gloves I just bought (that were all nice and warm) would NOT allow me to access the trigger with ANY feel whatsoever!!!

They went in the emergency bag in the truck…sigh…

We also discussed (and tried) accessing the pistols through various layers of clothes, and it did prove interesting.

Being an old fart, I’ve actually gone back through my wardrobe (especially sweaters and jackets) to make sure ALL of them will sweep/not snag on my carry pistols. I’ve also (with an UNLOADED) gun practiced drawing in front of the mirror to see if there are any possible hang ups.

Just a thought or two for y’all to ponder…

Old NFO is a retired Naval Flight Officer still out mucking about in the job market to put food on the table. A shooter for over 50 years, he can usually hit what he’s aiming at; but he’s always willing to learn new things. His pistol of preference is the old 1911A1…

2 thoughts on “How available IS your carry pistol?

  1. I am actually concerned about this issue. I am always cold and in the winter, I wear a big heavy coat. Many times when I leave a store and enter a parking lot(go figure) I am very aware and I might even have my hand under my coat, BUT, when I am inside shopping etc. I know I could get caught off guard. Always a struggle to find the exact right answer.

  2. Aaron, I also cross posted this today at my blog, hope the trip is going well. AGAHG, look at carrying a .38 or similar in the outer garment… Just sayin…

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