Geek Fu

Firearm manufacturers are willing to make deals with movie companies in order to have their products featured in action films. After all, if the picture is a hit then there will be a big surge in sales.

Don’t agree? It seems that the favorite firearm of Dirty Harry was the victim of some rather poor sales until it was famously used by Clint Eastwood ‘s most famous character.

Dirty Harry Callahan with his 44 magnum

After it was seen being used in cinemas and drive-in movie theaters all over the nation, Smith and Wesson had a hard time keeping up with demand.

This goes for other elements that are central to the plot of action films. If a certain martial arts style is prominently displayed, then dojos specializing in that particular discipline will enjoy a surge in the number of students willing to sign up. In a strange monkey see-monkey do sort of dynamic, people will try to mimic their heroes.

Why am I going on about all of this? Mainly because I thought you might be interested in some visual evidence as to why geeks like me kept getting beaten up in high school.

James Rummel is a self defense instructor who lives in Columbus, Ohio. For 18 years, his private charity was a free course for violent crime survivors. He specialized in the disabled and elderly.

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