All Dirty Harry, All The Time

I mentioned yesterday how the Dirty Harry movies caused the .44 Magnum revolver to become more popular. Suddenly this extremely expensive, extremely large, difficult gun was cool.

"Dirty" Harry Callahan

If you are a fan, then you should check out this website. Besides basic info about the franchise, odd facts and trivia can be ferreted out. I had no idea that there had been two Dirty Harry video games!

Fans of this blog are hardly interested in such virtual pursuits, however. Instead you might find this page to be of value, as it discusses the ballistics of some of the more visible firearms featured in the movies.

It is unfortunate that the previously linked web page is not very extensive. For that we have to go to the pages of the Internet Movie Firearms Database, the motherlode of cinema guns.

James Rummel is a self defense instructor who lives in Columbus, Ohio. For 18 years, his private charity was a free course for violent crime survivors. He specialized in the disabled and elderly.

2 thoughts on “All Dirty Harry, All The Time

  1. Er…

    The S&W 29 is hardly “extremely expensive”. Your average Sig or HK is more expensive than a 29.

    The model 29 is also neither “extremely large” nor “difficult”. Hell, a Ruger Vaquero is pretty close to the same weight and size. A model 29 is a pleasure to shoot, and once you get used to the hair trigger, it is extremely easy to shoot accurately. Sure it has substantial recoil, but that does not make a model 29 “difficult” vs a Vaquero.

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