Silencerco Pistol Suppressors

I’ve had the opportunity to use Silencerco pistol suppressors in the past, and am looking in to purchasing one in the near future.

Last August I was able to use a Silencerco Osprey on a Springfield XD (.45ACP), and was blown away at what a difference a suppressor made. Recoil was vastly reduced. Sound was brought down to levels that did not require the use of hearing protection. Not to mention that the neighbors were not disturbed by gunfire. In fact, someone 50 – 75 yards away was not able to tell that we were shooting when the Silencerco Osprey was installed.

One great feature about the Osprey that I was not aware of at the time is the ability to use it not only on .45ACP, but also .40S&W and 9mm calibers as well.

Slightly reduced recoil and lower noise would really help out beginner shooters. They wouldn’t learn a flinch from the noise of the gun and would have a chance to build solid fundamentals from the start. In addition, it’s really the polite thing to do. If you were not aware, suppressors are legal for citizens to own in 39 states.

It makes a lot of sense to get practice in with a .22LR, with the cost of ammunition so low. Luckily they make a model specifically for .22LR pistols – the Silencerco Sparrow. I’ve not had an opportunity to use one of these myself, but have read great reviews of them. I’d like to get some opinions from folks that have been able to use a Silencerco Sparrow on a gun. What did you think? How did it handle? Was it easy to clean and maintain? How much was the sound level reduced? What model of firearms have you used a Sparrow with?

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