SHOT Show 2012 – First day report

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In 2010, it was the year of the .380. In 2011, it was the year of the sub-compact 9mm and this year the trend has a lot to to do with the .22 Long Rifle and they come in all shapes and sizes. Michael reports from his first day at SHOT Show 2012.

2 thoughts on “SHOT Show 2012 – First day report

  1. Well, doesn’t the Merkel bolt tilt backward to unlock before straight back movement, like the Blaser, or it is a true straight pull like the K31? Beautiful rifle. Jumped the shark, hee hee, yeah it would seem that way. The M1 Carbine .22 from Chiappa looks very nice nice…starting to like this company. Umm, the Kahr does NOT have a “light” trigger. Unless what he is calling a “super trigger” (what is that?) is light.

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