Police Kill Armed 8th-Grader In Texas School

Police shot and killed an armed eighth-grader who “engaged” officers in the main hallway of his middle school on Wednesday, the South Texas school district said.

Brownsville school district officials said administrators immediately called police after the student brandished a weapon about 8 a.m., shortly after classes started at Cummings Middle School. When police arrived, the student “engaged” the officers and was shot, district spokeswoman Drue Brown said in an emailed statement.

Cameron County Justice of the Peace Kip V. Johnson Hodge pronounced the student dead at a hospital and has ordered an autopsy, said court coordinator Israel Tapia.

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3 thoughts on “Police Kill Armed 8th-Grader In Texas School

  1. What in the world was an 8th grader doing bringing a gun to school and how did he engage police to the point he had to be killed?

  2. Better that officers shoot a kid and end it quick than to have this kid run a rampage and have to deal with the ensuing publications requiring more gun control.

    I do feel there could have been a less-than-lethal approach or even a shoot to wound, but this could have ended a lot worse.

  3. 911 recordings indicate that the LEO’s called on him to drop the weapon 6 to 8 times. All he had to do was drop what looked like a real pistol. He refused and was shot.

    Shoot to wound? Shooting the weapon out of the bad guy’s hand only happens in “Blazing Saddles”. Military and law enforcement folks are trained to aim at center-of-mass. Any other option endangers innocent bystanders.

    Something was wrong with this kid. He chose poorly and paid for it.

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