Marine Faces 15 Years Behind Bars For Unknowingly Violating Gun Law

Ryan Jerome was enjoying his first trip to New York City on business when the former Marine Corps gunner walked up to a security officer at the Empire State Building and asked where he should check his gun.

That was when Jerome’s nightmare began. The security officer called police and Jerome spent the next two days in jail.

The 28-year-old with no criminal history now faces a mandatory minimum sentence of three and a half years in prison. If convicted, his sentence could be as high as fifteen years.

Jerome has a valid concealed carry permit in Indiana and visited New York believing that it was legal to bring his firearm. He was traveling with $15,000 worth of jewelry that he planned to sell.

The online gun-law information Jerome read was inaccurate, however, and his late September arrest initiated what may become a protracted criminal saga. He hasn’t yet been indicted by a grand jury, but there may be little legal wiggle-room if he is.

“If he does get indicted, and they want to give him something less, then the legal minimum would be two years,” noted Mark Bederow, Jerome’s attorney. “They couldn’t even offer less if they wanted to.”

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2 thoughts on “Marine Faces 15 Years Behind Bars For Unknowingly Violating Gun Law

  1. Who thinks this is even a possibility? Who goes from Indiana to NY and doesn’t peruse the gun carry laws? Who carries and doesn’t KNOW what a nazi hell hole NY is? I call shenanigans.

  2. I was a Marine for a long time before I heard that MARINE was an acronym for “Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential”. Examples such as this make the case for it. I’m a former machine gunner (0331) so I should be dumber than dumb! But I know that information is a weapon as powerful as any, that ignorance of a law is no excuse and there are consequences for stupidity and ignorance.

    I agree with the previous poster, his smells like “The Stupid” to me.

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