M1 Garand Explosion

From the video comments by the woman holding the rifle while it exploded:

The 7th round jammed, which is nothing unusual for this gun. It happens all the time. That is why I didn’t really hesitate to shoot the final round. I was very lucky with the outcome. I have lots of splinters and bruising, but nothing broken. My left hand took the brunt of the blow to my wrist and palm of my hand. Still pretty painful, but I will be fine.

3 thoughts on “M1 Garand Explosion

  1. Looks like she rode the bolt handle forward after the jam…she even states in the comments that they checked her husband’s Garand and it will fire 1/2″ out of battery. Never ride the bolt/charging handle or pistol slide forward with your hand in contact…it’s bad juju!!

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