Holder Testimony a Time to Review ‘Fast and Furious’

For Attorney General Eric Holder, Tuesday could be a “do or die” moment.

Holder appears before a congressional committee on Operation Fast and Furious for the first time since May, when he said he had only heard about the controversial anti-gunrunning program “a few weeks” prior. Yet a U.S. senator had personally told him about Fast and Furious a few months before his testimony.

Thirty-four House members already have called for Holder to resign, along with the National Rifle Association, and more could join the chorus depending on Holder’s testimony Tuesday. Sources close to the investigation say other lawmakers want Holder out but have declined to say so publicly out of deference to Sen. Charles Grassley, the quiet and deliberate Republican from Iowa.

Grassley has spearheaded the Fast and Furious probe since the killing last December of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, whose body was found near two guns traced to Fast and Furious. If Grassley says Holder must go, at least some Senate colleagues are expected to close ranks behind him.

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