Cross-eye Dominance

Oleg Volk discusses some strategies for overcoming cross-eye dominance over at

I am not left-handed, but I am left eye dominant. I was never able (and still cannot) close my left eye while keeping my right eye open. When I started shooting as a boy, I simply switched hands and learned to shoot left-handed. Decades later, and I still shoot like that. It’s worked out just fine for me.

One thought on “Cross-eye Dominance

  1. I learned that i have the same cross-eye issue. I just for the first time shot a gun a few months ago on this awesome tour that i took in israel. We shot a bunch of different guns, but even from the first shot i took, it felt weird trying to use my left eye to line up a shot(im a righty). If only i learned about it when i was a kid, like you, then i could have trained myself to shoot lefty. Anyways, the trip was still a lot of fun, even though my shots werent great. We used a ton of guns, threw grenades, went skydiving, learned krav maga, and even learned some tactics used by the israeli special forces. i believe their website is if you want to check it out

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