Beretta Nano: First Range Trip

I took a ‘long lunch’ yesterday and got out to the range to test out the Beretta Nano. I am really impressed. I’m not new to small, compact pistols — I’ve carried a Kel-Tec PF9 every day for two years. I was really surprised how much better the trigger was on the Nano than the PF9. Also, the recoil on the Nano did not feel anywhere near as punishing as the PF9 — in fact, after 102 rounds (17 magazines) my hand was not even sore one bit.

I proceeded to put 17 magazines of Winchester White Box (115 grain) through the Nano. The only problem I encountered was on round #74. It fired just fine but did not eject. It seems as though the extractor did not pull it out of the chamber. The brass casing was still in the barrel, but the 3rd round of that magazine had not attempted to load. So I just hit the magazine release, and pulled out the magazine. Then I proceeded to rack the slide manually and the brass casing ejected. I then reinserted the magazine, racked the slide to chamber a round and continued to fire without issues. I examined the brass that did not eject and could not see any differences compared to the other brass fired yesterday.

I placed my target at a distance of 9 feet (3 yards). Note that all the shots with a quarter are full magazine (6 round) groupings, but some have as little as two holes. That’s how accurate the Nano is. If I do my part, it does its.

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6 thoughts on “Beretta Nano: First Range Trip

  1. Nice review. Straight and to the point, like your shooting. That extractor thing seems like something that needs to be looked into. There are quite a few members on the having this same issue.

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  3. My Nano is randomly experiencing failures to extract. I’m may sell it and get a Glock 26. I cannot recommend the Nano until Beretta fixes the problems with extraction.

  4. unfortunately strait out of the box I had problems with the nano and the winchester ammo not ejecting. It happened after the 3rd round. I thought it was a malfunction but it kept doing it. I am really upset that this happened.

  5. My Nano also jammed when I first shot it. I have noticed that when I make sure all of the ammo is pushed to the back of the magazine, the problem has gotten better. I haven’t put enough rounds through it to say it is gone, but I haven’t jammed since. It might just be picky how the ammo is fed from the magazine.

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