Beretta Nano First Impression


Six rounds of Winchester White Box 9mm (115 grain) from a distance of 21 9 feet (3 yards) while standing, unsupported.

Two holes.

4 thoughts on “Beretta Nano First Impression

  1. Nice, but I must be measuring my range distance wrong. Lst time I checked, 3 yards was 9 feet…oops! : )

  2. I was sure I was going to love the nano. I was wrong. I had a chance to handle one this am. First, it’s not very attractive. Second, it has the longest, grittiest, heavy double action trigger pull that I have ever experienced and I’ve been carrying concealed handguns professionally since 1966. I was bummed. I guess I’ll just need to pay a couple hundred $ more and get the new mini 9mm SIG. It seems to be a wonderful mini 9.

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