A 1,500-Pound Gift to the Troops

One non-profit has found a great way to use all those TSA rejected shampoo and lotion bottles that are prohibited on airplanes.

Instead of throwing them out, a new donation program at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has been getting travelers to dig deep into their carry-on luggage to help the troops.

“Sundries for Soldiers” is a program run by USO Las Vegas, a private, nonprofit organization that gives troops some of the comforts of home –like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and wipes — as they pass through the airport.

USO Las Vegas director Doug Bradford says the program, which began in October, has been and outstanding success –collecting close to 1,500 pounds in just a month.

“I’m expecting a couple of bins worth of products,” said Bradford. “But all of a sudden, they wheel this big pallet in that has all these products and I was just amazed.” He says they’re planning to have another drive in December.

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