Caption This


Submit your best caption to the above photo over at the ITS Facebook post (listed below) and you might win something from them…

3 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. I posted a few witty responses on that same very link…

    Ok… Clearly I brought the wrong “axe”.

    “Killing them softly… with this song.”

    Yeah, I didnt bring a gun, but you’re not hitting anymore guys than I am

    Hippies… they’re EVERYWHERE!

    Guitar guy is the only one in that picture using proper technique

    Wow! Those ‘Guitar Hero’ guys really take that game seriously

    “It aint me… it aint me… I aint no fortunate son!”

    You cant see it in that picture, but his guitar actually says “Front Towards Enemy” on it.

    And then this showed up on their Facebook wall too…

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