Canada Abolishes Rifle, Shotgun Registration

Canada’s Conservative government introduced legislation Tuesday to scrap a controversial law that requires the registration of rifles and shotguns.

Canada has long required registration of hand guns, but the long-gun registry law passed in 1995 faced bitter opposition from rural Canada, the Conservative party’s base, which considered it an overreaction to the problem of urban crime.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said they don’t want laws targeting law-abiding citizens such as hunters.

Police and victims groups are voicing opposition, but the Conservatives have a new majority in Parliament after national elections in May, and can now scrap the law.

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2 thoughts on “Canada Abolishes Rifle, Shotgun Registration

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  2. Yep, the LGR (long-gun registry) is now history and “only” a CAD $2.7-billion pockmark on the Canadian taxpayers’ balance sheet. Good riddance, I say!

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