Bullets 2 Bandages

After serving as Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officers in the U.S. Navy, Erik Spalding and Cole Evans wished to give back to those affected by conflict. As Graduates of the United States Naval Academy, Cole and Erik experienced first hand, how individuals and their families can be devastated by war. Travis Manion, a friend and classmate of Cole’s was killed in action in 2007 by sniper fire while serving as a Marine Corps Officer in Iraq. Tragically Brendan Looney, Travis’ best friend and also classmate of Cole and Erik’s, was killed in Afghanistan while serving as a Navy SEAL.

“We are taking an instrument of war and turning it into a tool of healing” says Erik Spalding, Co-Founder of http://www.Bullets2Bandages.org.

By crafting stylish, bullet pendants out of fired ammunition, http://wwwBullets2Bandages.org wishes to sell its product and donate proceeds to the Travis Manion Foundation.

The Travis Manion Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to assist wounded and disabled veterans and the families of Fallen Heroes. We will continue the service to community and country exemplified by these Fallen Heroes and veterans. In the spirit of the Fallen, we will foster strength of mind and body to create a generation of future leaders.” For more information visit the Foundation’s website at http://www.travismanion.com.

A sample of their work can be seen below:

Bullet Bracelet