Two Wants

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Two cool guns I want to own – the Ruger Speed Six and Colt Mustang .380

You know the story. You’re at the range when your buddy suddenly pulls out a gun you didn’t even know he had. In this case it was two guns. One was a Ruger Speed Six .38 revolver. The other a Colt Mustang .380.

Ruger Speed Six ©

The Ruger Speed Six is considered a gem of a revolver and even today, prices can easily reach $500 plus for specimens in excellent condition. It is definitely one of the nicer shooting revolvers I’ve had a chance to shoot. I always have my eye open at gun shows for that big bargain, but have yet to come across one. People know they are great guns and are priced accordingly. I recently saw a rare variation of the Speed Six in 9mm.

Colt Mustang ©

The second gun he handed to me was the Colt Mustang .380. The SIG P238 is essentially a clone of this gun. I fell in love with this little gun as it cycled through multiple brands and types of ammo without a hiccup. He knew what a gem he had on his hands. He wasn’t at all interested in parting with the gun. A guy has to ask, right? It fits nicely in the pocket, is well made, looks good and it’s a Colt. What more could you want? Gunbroker prices average $600 to $900 depending on condition.

These are a couple of guns (no longer made) that are high on the bucket list for me? What are some of yours?