Steyr Factory Tour

This guest post was written by Andrew, Editor-In-Chief of Vuurwapen Blog.

Steyr-Mannlicher may be best-known for its AUG, a bullpup assault rifle used by armed forces around the world, but the company has perhaps made an even greater contribution to the manufacture of quality firearms than the innovative AUG could bring. Since the 1930s, Steyr has worked with GFM – both companies are located in the town of Steyr, Austria – to introduce and refine the process of hammer forging barrels.

GFM makes hammer forging machines that are used by virtually every firearm manufacturer which has adopted this efficient and consistent process. Steyr, for its part, has continually revised its manufacturing techniques, as Guns For Sale discovered during a visit to the Steyr factory. It’s no surprise that Steyr rifles are renowned for accuracy as well as long barrel life.

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