Sig Factory Tour

This guest post was written by Andrew, Editor-In-Chief of Vuurwapen Blog.

Along the Baltic Sea in northern Germany, just south of the border with Denmark, lies the town of Eckernförde. Here, the German Navy keeps all of its submarines – and Sig Sauer produces some of the most sought-after pistols in the world, such as the P226. Earlier this year, Guns For Sale was able to tour the Sig Sauer factory and see what goes into making Sig handguns.

Sig has invested heavily in technology, and the manner in which they produce firearms is very efficient. Still, there is a strong human element at Sig. In the Master Shop, highly experienced gunsmiths hand fit components of the X-Five and P210 handguns to exacting specifications. Plus, all of the handguns manufactured at Eckernförde are high pressure, or “proof” tested, in accordance with European law, as well as tested for function and/or accuracy. The entire manufacturing process is described in the video below.

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  1. When is sig sauer Germany going to start exporting again it been 8 months since I order a 9 mm golden dragon

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