Fiocchi Factory Tour

This guest post was written by Andrew, Editor-In-Chief of Vuurwapen Blog.

Fiocchi Munizioni has been in the Fiocchi family since it was founded in 1876. The company has weathered turmoil, including occupation by the Wehrmacht in World War II, to become the largest ammunition manufacturer in Italy, and one of the largest in all of Europe. In addition, it has expanded to America, and produces centerfire ammunition and shotshells at a plant in Missouri for sale in the US market.

The Guns For Sale team visited Lecco, Italy, where the original Fiocchi plant is located, and observed the employees and machines required to produce the astounding amount of ammunition and components Fiocchi makes every year. For example, Fiocchi makes two billion primers per year. In addition, the Fiocchi Ballistic Laboratory maintains a huge selection of firearms which are used to test each lot of ammunition manufactured at the factory.