EFFIN-A Compensator

The EFFIN-A Compensator was designed to allow the end user the ability to adjust the manner in which the gas exits from the weapon. The EFFIN-A features 7 columns and 4 rows of exit ports that can be either opened or closed through the very simple use of set screws. The exit ports are not threaded completely through to eliminate the possibility of the screw being over turned into the chamber. This feature also allows the screw to “bottom out” increasing tightness and ensuring that it will not work itself out under the pressure of the gasses being released by the weapon. This Compensator also features the ability to “Stack” multiple comps end to end giving further options to the end user.

EFFIN-A Compensator

Objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Muzzle flip is caused by the pressure that is released down the center of the bore in relation to the contact points of the weapon and the shooter. Muzzle climb is solved by this device in two ways; The EFFIN-A Compensator’s timed and tunable exit ports act as an outside force that returns the weapon to a “position of rest” after the round has been fired (the round acts as the initial force causing the unwanted motion) by directly countering the force in relation to the standard shooter contact points on the weapon. This Compensator is also designed to directly increase the weapons moment of inertia by accurately counter balancing the mass of the front of the weapon in relation to the force of motion created by the original force. The balance concept is similar to ancient weight ratio techniques used in spears to allow steady aim and flight.

EFFIN-A Compensator 556 - Exploded View

Due to the amount of time and money we spent on researching the amount of pressure released during the act of firing a round and adjusting the Compensator’s balance to correspond to it we will not be releasing the exact weight until after the pre-order is finished and products have already shipped. Note: testing was conducting with two types of ammunition, Matchgrade and GreenTips. The general weight is between 4 and 5 ounces.

The Compensator has an outer diameter of 1″ and is 1.95″ inches in length when the cap is removed. You have the choice of selecting the EFFIN-A Compensator in Black or Stainless Steel depending on which aesthetic appeals to you or fits best with your weapon.

WARNING: If you attempt to modify or use these devices in any way attempting to create baffles for a suppressor, it will instantly void our warranty and possibly land you in jail. PLEASE OBEY THE LAW!
We do not recommend stacking more than two of these on top of each other. If you do so, you do it at your own risk and it will also void the warranty.

The EFFIN-Compensator 556 is available for $90.99 at http://www.predatorarmament.com