Chiappa Factory Tour

This guest post was written by Andrew, Editor-In-Chief of Vuurwapen Blog.

Chiappa is an unfamiliar name to many Americans, but the company has been producing firearms for over 50 years, and the Chiappa family remains in control of the Chiappa Group and its day-to-day operations. Since Ezechiele Chiappa first started manufacturing one model of replica firearm in 1958, the company has expanded to become not only a respected force in the replica firearm industry, but a manufacturer of blank and rimfire handguns and rifles, as well as the innovative Chiappa Rhino revolver.

Although it has grown to encompass 70,000 square feet of manufacturing, design, and production space, the company has not forgotten its roots. Tradition and craftsmanship are as alive today as they were in 1958, and given the number of firearms with beautiful, handmade wooden stocks made by Chiappa, they are absolutely essential to the company’s continued success. Guns For Sale visited Chiappa in Italy to see how this blend of tradition and efficiency results in beautiful and functional weapons.