Are You A Trail Blazer Or A Leader?

This guest post was written by Rev. Kenn Blanchard, of Black Man With A Gun.

Despite the money spent to influence and lie to Americans, the movement of self-reliance is still growing. Some Americans still question millionaires and celebrities in politics. We are not all total fools. We still consume too much of everything but we have started to notice what we do. That is where I am right now.

A leader without anyone behind him is just a dude out for a walk.

I’ve been walking for awhile. Just like in sex, being first is cool but it is better to last over a long time. It is better to be able to sustain your momentum or success over a lifetime than a one night stand. I’m working on the latter.

There is a difference between trailblazing and leading. What I have discovered is that you can’t just keep going if you want to lead. You may have to go back to the basics on occasion to make sure your entire group is on the same sheet of music. That is a huge responsibility. There is always a newcomer, a convert or a friend that doesn’t know the mission or where you have been. If you keep pressing forward you will be way out in front but alone. That is what trailblazers do. If you want to be an effective leader you have to take care of those that follow you.

If you are leading a new pro-rights organization don’t lose heart if you aren’t as going as fast as you would like. What usually happens is that you make great strides in the beginning when you are new and then everything slows. People aren’t easy to move or motivate. Once you get the majority together though, you can go further. Until that happens, be patient. Take your time with the slower ones. Once they get on fire, they may be your next leaders.

If you are a trailblazer realize that it’s lonely out in front. Folks won’t understand you and make you doubt your passion. You were built different for a reason, none of us understands but there is a reason for you. If you weren’t people like you, there would be fewer inventions, less places discovered and life would be in all honesty boring.

If you start a gun club, or firearms business realize that aside from getting resistance from the anti-rights people, local government, career politicians and some churches you should prepare for the naysayers within our ranks. They mean well but it will come at the most inopportune times. It will come when you are mentally or spiritually fatigued. It will come when you are financially and physically weak. But it will come.

However, learn to listen with discernment. Not all of the negative comments are wrong. Some will keep you from being too optimistic. It will keep you grounded. The path we are on is well worn. There are many soldiers that have gone before you and failed. Our naysayers and joy stealers will remind you. Many have given up when they were on the brink of a break-thru and are looking to commiserate. Press on! This might be the right time for you and what you are doing.

The ATM for example, took ten years to be adopted before people didn’t think it was asinine to trust your banking to a machine. We wanted a human teller. It is still more cost effective to get your salary sent electronically than to print a check or give you cash though we would prefer it. The Toyota Prius hybrid car has been around a long time but was just accepted in the U.S. recently. Timing is everything.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a place for us all after we figure it all out. Find yours and keep moving.

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