2 thoughts on “Top Shot Season 3

  1. jake is not a good sportsman and needs to be eliminated from top shot even though your a good marksmen you are not a good team member and if i was mike i woukd of kicked your ass

  2. First, it’s a competition and now they are in the individual phase. Jake was carrying his team for many of the events. Second, I think if you were Mike, you would have done the same thing and folded. Jake would have likely scooped you up and dunked you on your neck. It’s easy to say what you would have done not being in Mike’s shoes, I promise, Mike had no chance of winning that confrontation had it gone physical. So stick to watching the show and less critique on the competitors. It’s a competition, not a chivalry contest. 100K is on the line and I guarantee Jake is going to do whatever it takes to win. SEALs know it pays to be a winner.

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