Bullet Tax?: Baltimore Mayoral Candidate Offers Unusual Crime Prevention Plan

you plan to go shooting in Baltimore, it might be a little more expensive come this September.

WBAL-TV is reporting that Baltimore mayoral candidate Otis Rolley has unveiled a new proposal to add a $1 bullet tax to each round sold within city limits. This would be part of Rolley’s multi-pronged strategy to reduce crime in Baltimore, which also includes better training and standards for the Baltimore Police Department, working with the media to raise awareness of suspects at large, and reducing the number of vacant properties in the city.

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My thoughts on this… So now criminals will go buy their ammo outside the city limits, then bring it in to the city to commit crimes.

For a while, I’ve thought that if they really wanted to go after guns then they wouldn’t directly go after the guns themselves. That’s too touchy of a subject. But if they can make it where it’s too expensive to shoot the guns, then the guns themselves are reduced to nothing more than fancy paperweights. An end-run around gun control. Shameful, Mr. Rolley. Shameful.

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