Security Measures to Keep Your Guns and Home Safe

This guest post is courtesy of Madison Parker, author of Home Security Systems.

Today more than ever, people are taking their personal safety seriously. A home security system is one layer of defense against burglars and other home invaders; a personal firearm is another. Yet, you don’t want a burglar to be able to use your own guns against you, and you especially don’t want to risk a gun accident in your home.

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Fortunately, there are some security measures you can take that will keep your guns safe, while still allowing you access to them when necessary:

  • A gun safe is the safest bet. When it comes to keeping your guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, yet also keeping your guns accessible in case you need them, you can’t beat a gun safe. A gun safe makes it virtually impossible for an unapproved person to get your gun. Yet, you can still get in when you need to. Consider a top-of-the-line fingerprint-recognition or keypad-based gun safe to get even quicker access to your guns in the event of a break-in.
  • Pistol boxes. A pistol box is a small gun safe designed to hold a single pistol, and to be easily accessed. This is a good choice for someone who only has a single gun, and who primarily has that gun for purposes of personal defense.
  • Separating the gun from the ammo is also recommended. Simply placing your ammo in a separate location from your weapon keeps the gun safe. However, this is not an absolute safety; someone can find both the gun and ammo, and then you’re at risk for a gun-related accident.
  • Trigger locks. Trigger locks are another option. They were created as a safety precaution by preventing a gun from being discharged on accident. In some states – such as California – anyone who buys a gun also has to buy a trigger lock. The biggest complaint people seem to have about these is that they can take quite a while to get into – much longer than a gun safe.
  • Locking gun racks. There are a number of gun racks out there on the market that have locking collars. A locked gun cabinet provides the same kind of security. Of course, take note here; if you have a glass cabinet or a wooden gun rack that could be smashed, you really aren’t giving a whole lot of deterrence.

Finally, keep in mind that the best way to keep your family safe from gun accidents while keeping your home safe at the same time is education. Train everyone in the home on gun safety, and consider instructing those family members who are old enough in the proper use of firearms.

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