Porsche 911 Target

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After the engine of his Porsche 911 decided to die (and take much of the cooling system along with it in some kind of powertrain suicide pact), the owner considered the $20,000 repair job and instead decided to donate the car to a non-profit. A non-profit dedicated to protecting gun rights. Let’s find out what happens when you pump a car with 10,000 rounds of hot lead.

Who hasn’t wanted to take a few shots at a 911, even an older model, after years of dealing with Porsche drivers? They probably owe us one. So rather than spend more on the car than it was worth, it was nice of this particular owner to donate it to charity.

In this case, the charity is Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A), a group dedicated to “bringing some sanity to Massachusetts gun laws.”

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  1. I have to admit… this is causing me some serious internal conflict. Since I was little, I have wanted a Porsche 911. I also have a love of guns. Oh geezzz… my head is spinning!

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