Fiddling with Ruger’s Scout Rifle

This guest post is courtesy of Richard Mann, author of Empty Cases.

I’ve been playing with the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle for several months now. Long enough to develop an informed opinion and long enough to try various sight arrangements. One of the great things about this rifle is the versatility it offers which is indeed the hallmark of the Scout Rifle concept.

Out of the box the rifle is fitted with a forward rail that will accept Weaver or Picatinny rings. The action of the rifle is set up to accept Ruger scope rings and comes with a rear aperture sight. This is a versatile but slightly cumbersome arrangement because you’ll need a hex wrench to remove the rear sight if you want to mount a scope in the conventional manner. And, your conventional scope and scout scope will require different rings.

Quick release rings on a scout scope let you switch between optics or optics and open sights as the need dictates.

Not all scout socpe have to be 1X or 1.5X. This new Weaver Scout scope is 4X.

Even before the Ruger Scout Rifle was launched, XS Sights began development of an aftermarket rail for the rifle. I got to try out this rail and made some suggestions that XS has incorporated into their final production version. First, I suggested that the bottom of the rail section above the action be slightly relieved and beveled to make access to the open action easier. I also suggested that the back of the rail be dehorned or beveled to protect against sharp edges snagging your flesh during hurried operation. This is indeed a practical accessory for the Ruger Scout Rifle. The XS rail for the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle is not on their web site as of yet. You’ll need to call to order: (888) 744-4880.

There are several reasons I prefer the XS rail as opposed to the factory approach. First, the XS rail has an integral aperture sight giving you the option of mounting a conventional scope, albeit a bit high, without removing the aperture. Better yet, you can mount an extended eye relief scope (not a scout scope) just forward of the aperture sight. Second, the rail allows you to mount all scopes with the same type quick detach rings.

Just because you have a scout rifle does not mean you must use a scout scope. An extended eye-relief scope will work too.

This Bushnell Elite 6500 extended eye-relief scope can be mounted just forward of the aperture sight on the XS Ruger Gunsite Rifle rail

I’ve found three optical sighted configurations I really like for this rifle. The first utilizes Weaver’s new K-Series 4X Scout Scope mounted well forward on the rail. The second uses a now discontinued compact Weaver 6X conventional scope, with extended eye relief, mounted just forward of the XS aperture sight. This give you three, pre-zeroed, sight options; scout scope, conventional style scope and aperture sight.

I think my favorite configuration utilizes a Bushnell Elite 6500 extended eye-relief 1.5-8X scope mounted just forward of the rear aperture sight in quick release Leupold QRW rings. Though a tad heavy, this might be the ultimate in versatility because you can use this scope as a scout scope on low power or as a conventional scope on any power. Also, this riflescope has target turrets in case you want or need to try shooting at extreme ranges. And then of course, in seconds you can remove this scope and utilize the excellent XS aperture sight.

In all, I really like the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, mostly because of its versatility and the dependability of the Ruger 77 action. The factory trigger was not too bad either but if yours is, Timney Triggers offers an excellent and affordable, drop-in replacement. Another accessory you might consider is the Galco Safari Ching Sling. When this rifle is matched with the right sighting options its ready for just about any chore a rifleman can throw at it.

Galco's Safari Ching Sling is an additional accessory that can compliment the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

34 thoughts on “Fiddling with Ruger’s Scout Rifle

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  2. Excellent review! Great pictures too! I’m going to be Bookmarking your site. Thanks.

  3. So how did weaver scout scope do for u? Also what size rings did u use, medium or low?

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  5. Why is it that everyone that reviews this rifle converts it back to a standard rifle tactical rifle? The whole point of the scout design is to leave open access to breech, and use a forward mounted optic with . Yet every reviewer gets it and sticks a tactical rail over the bolt area, and mounts a regular scope. If you want a short barreled standard rifle, get one. if you want a SCOUT design – do the scout design and actually review it as a scout design!

  6. Would it be possible to use the rear mounting scope ring from Ruger and the front mounting for the picatinny rail? I mean, could you match the heights?

  7. Nobody talks about how accurate this rifle is? What kind of groups are you getting with it?

  8. “Gary”

    Max 2 MOA with everything I have fed it.

    Sub MOA with select ammos and handload’s.

    It’s a definite shooter.

    A guy in California has been shooting long range silhouette (500 meters) with it and has been kicking butt. See CAST Boolits forum.


  9. Hi

    I had a question about the XS Rail. The instructions say just glue the screws in with the thread locking compound. Did you use some kind of Epoxy also to mount the rail?


  10. I want to use an AIMPOINT scope on mine.

    Will the MEDIUM height rings be enough to avoid seeing the front sight?

    Thank you.

  11. What great information, thanks. Choosing a scope option for this rifle is surprisingly difficult because of it’s versatility. I like the Bushnell setup & will go with that on my soon to arrive scout. Q – what size QR Leupold rings for bushnell ? Many thanks.

  12. Love mine. Used UTG quick detatch medium rings, XS rail, and a Minox ZA5 2-10X40 scope. Still waiting on the backordered Surefire muzzle brake. When I get it I will have it all camo dipped. I didn’t go with a Scout style scope as I have trouble with them because of my cross eye dominance.

  13. I really enjoy shooting mine with a leopold forward mounted 4X scope and was a worthwhile economical bolt gun with a box mag…I swapped out the mini-14 flash hider for a ported battle comp flash suppressor. tames the recoil and reduces “pop-up” for follow up shots…looks cooler too.

  14. I am trying an Aimpoint PRO red dot sight on my Ruger Scout. Using the Aimpoint QRD mount it goes on and comes off in a flash. I am borrowing it from my AR carbine. Can’t see the front sight through it. I don’t see anyway to co-witness the sites without an undesirable high front sight permanently installed. Could put a flip up front sight on the end of the rail at the expense of sight radius. Would need an XS rail on the rear to handle the rear flip up sight. Seems like a lot of effort for marginal gain. I think the Aimpoint will work well. Just remove it to use the quite good iron sights.

    It will be fun to determine how close a common zero can be achieved between the two rifles without changing settings on Aimpoint. Time to look at ballistic tables!

  15. replace the flash suppressor with a AAC Cyclone can. No ear protection needed and it reduces recoil. Load up cast lead 180 gn. bullets to 1000 to 1100 and not much sound. You can’t do that in a gas operated rifle. The box mags allow extra mags to be loaded with different rounds to best suit the target and range.

  16. Bought a left handed one, put the Leupold Scout Scope om it with Weaver see through rings so I can still use iron sights, this gun is a real shooter.

  17. The Leupold mounts with the quick turn levers are better than see-through mounts. See-through mounts raise the sight up possible losing your check weld. The quick detach mounts allow rapid removal of the scope so you can use the iron sights. Did you get the 2.5 Leupold scope of the 1.5-4×28 Leupold scope?

  18. I have a gunsite scout. I have a problem as well. I’ve got a 50mm scope which is too big and wont fit the rear mounts with the rail system on it. I can remove the rail but, i cant find the ruger set screws to place in the vacant holes on top of the barrel. Does anyone have an option for me? (i.e. best rings to buy, or extended rail to purchase)

  19. The ruger scout .308 comes with ruger scope rings that attach right to the rifle, you can mount a scope to the rear with out the extended scope mount rail from xs sights that cost $100 dollars.

  20. I have removed the rear sites and the picatinny rail from my ruger scout 308. I put on a Bushnell scope with the BDC sites. I can get as close as I want to, to looke through the scope. It is really nice for my tired old eyes…

  21. Does anyone know what scope rings are used on the top picture with the caption “Quick release rings on a scout scope let you switch between optics or optics and open sights as the need dictates.”

  22. I have the Nikon M308 4×16 BDC scope mounted on the factory rings, The factory picatinny had to be removed because the front of the site did not clear it. .I would like to try the 20MOA mount that came with the Nikon scope on the XS rail, Does anyone know if this fits up?

  23. Anyone use the XS rail with the VCOG for the GSR in .308?

    I know it is a pricy optic.

  24. I need to know how to remove the rear sight. I tried the 2 screws on the sides but those just seem to loosen the rear sight aperture for adjusting accuracy. the one on top doesn’t seem to move and the supplied hex key doesn’t fit. what am I missing?

  25. Just got my Scout today and have an ACOG en route. Also have the XS rail and a Cotex Strike Eagle 1-6 I’m gonna try. Will report findings/preferences. I don’t think I’m a ‘scout scope’ kinda guy.

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