8 thoughts on “Wisconsin Police Shootout

  1. Wow… at some point he made a chain of VERY bad decisions. I’m guessing many of those happened BEFORE he chose to leave his truck in gear.

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  3. I’d like to know what in the heck driver in the car at the end of the clip thought he was driving into.

  4. If you look closely, at about the 0:35 mark, you can see his cap go flying off his head.

    [announcer voice] HEAD SHOT!!! [/announcer voice]

  5. If you or I had killed someone after he’d tried to flee like that, we’d be brought up on criminal charges, no? Just askin’.

  6. They put a hell of a lot of rounds past that truck and into the neighborhood beyond too, firing like crazy.

  7. The cops had a fairly safe background. The idiot bad guy who left his truck in gear got what he deserved.

    He is now in the prison of no parole (HELL.)

    Capped his you-know-what they did!

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