Texas Open Carry Needs Your Help

Texas HB 2756 is still in the House Calendar Committee, and needs your help to get on the calendar for a vote. Time is running short.

Please call your house representative and ask for their assistance in speaking with the House Calendar Committee. Find out your representative’s phone number at http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us if you don’t already know it.

And please take time to call all fourteen members of the House Calendar Committee in turn to ask them to put HB 2756 on the calendar.

(512) 463-0672 Todd Hunter
(512) 463-0564 Dennis Bonnen
(512) 463-0367 Dan Branch
(512) 463-0524 Garnet Coleman
(512) 463-0730 Byron Cook
(512) 463-0610 Charlie Geren
(512) 463-0656 Jim Keffer
(512) 463-0194 Tracy King
(512) 463-0600 Lois Kolkhorst
(512) 463-0606 Eddie Lucio
(512) 463-0706 Allan Ritter
(512) 463-0478 Burt Solomons
(512) 463-0690 Vicki Truitt
(512) 463-0657 John Zerwas

You can also call the office of George Lavender (author of HB 2756) to find out other ways to help get this bill on the calendar at (512) 463-0692.

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