Texas HB 2756 To Get Floor Vote

Tomorrow, Texas SB 905 will go to the floor for a vote. At that time, Representative George Lavendear will call a vote to amend the elitist SB 905 to attach HB 2756 on it.

Representative Kleinschmidt (SB905) was asked to address the amendment himself but he told Lavender he would not. Kleinschmidt did ask Lavender to amend the open carry bill. HB 2756 has been amended with a 3rd renewal provision. On your 3rd CHL renewal, you will no longer have to renew. Kleinschmidt did tell Lavender he supports open carry.

No matter what happens, we will get a House Floor vote on HB 2756. The Floor will have to vote yes or no on the amendment!

Please call your House representative and ask for their support tomorrow.

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