Guest Posting

Steve, over at The Firearm Blog, is out on vacation. I was asked to write an article for use on TFB while he was away. The subject is ‘.22LR vs .223’ — go check it out at the link below.

One thought on “Guest Posting

  1. .22 tend to ricochet – even off something a simple as a leaf. Had rounds come back my way as a kid. 45ACP didn’t penetrate the pipe, but it’s a subsonic round that you will definitely feel. I use a .243 – no extra kick over a .223/5.56, but I can get a lot hotter loads in that caliber off the shelf at walmart. If you load your own, then I’m sure you could do the same or better with a .223 – but then again you would have better results doing the same with the .243

    One Shot, One Kill

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