6-year-old brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt

Officials say three students have been injured after a 6-year-old brought a loaded gun to his Houston elementary school that accidentally discharged when it fell out of the child’s pocket.

Houston Independent School District Public Information Officer Norm Uhl tells Fox News that none of the injuries appears to be life-threatening.

Officials say Ross Elementary school was placed on lockdown Tuesday.

Images taken from Houston television KPRC’s news helicopter show three children being wheeled to ambulances on stretchers.


Video from The Blaze

Best wishes to the families of the injured children, and hopes for a speedy recovery for all three. The real question here is how did a 6 year old child get his/her hands on a firearm? The parents of the child should be held responsible, since it is their duty to keep a firearm out of the hands of a child. Luckily none were killed.