U.S. Troops Getting Wearable Gunshot Detectors

U.S. troops in Afghanistan will begin receiving wearable gunshot detector systems this month, allowing them to quickly grasp the approximate distance and direction of enemy fire.

The Individual Gunshot Detector (IGD) by Qinetiq consists of a shoulder-mounted unit with four acoustic sensors and a chest display that attaches to body armor.

Weighing less than 2 pounds, the IGD picks up supersonic waves produced by the blast and whiz of rounds and indicates where they’re coming from in a fraction of a second.

An earpiece that was developed for the system provides audio warnings such as “Shot, 400 meters, 3 o’clock.” It tracks the shooter and continues to provide audio updates.

Vehicle-mounted gunfire detectors have been used for some time in the field. The IGD should allow dismounted troops to quickly respond to an attack.

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