Tactical Police Competition setting up in Austin, Texas

The first NRA Tactical Police Competition (TPC) of 2011 kicks off this Saturday, March 26, at the Best of the West Shooting Sports Complex in Liberty Hill, Texas. Sponsored by the Remington Outdoor Foundation and the Round Rock Police Department, NRA TPCs are competitive based skill and scenario courses of fire designed for public and private sworn law enforcement officers and U.S. Military members.

Read more about the event at http://www.nrablog.com/post/2011/03/22/Tactical-Police-Competition-setting-up-in-Austin-Texas.aspx

One thought on “Tactical Police Competition setting up in Austin, Texas

  1. Hey great site, I am looking for competition shoots and this one looks like a really good one. I may have to attend. I will continue to look at your site and may see you guys.

    Have a good one!!

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