Now Casting Top Shot

The History Channel is now casting for season 4 of Top Shot.

5 thoughts on “Now Casting Top Shot

  1. I love this show! I might do well, whenever I have to qualify, if given some time for practice, I usually shoot expert.

  2. I would love to get my husband on the show and if not him then me! I started shooting 2 years ago and a year ago started using a bow. I love it! This show is great and it makes me smile seeing the 2nd amendment being exercised!
    I was glad to see Ashley leave the show…He acted very classless and needs to evaluate his honor and code. He was being childish and treated Jamie with no respect. Jamie handled himself well. Good for him!

  3. Love this show! I must say that I was particularly disappointed with my second favorite shooter Ashley, he asked some stupid questions which was meant as disrespect to Jamie. My first favorite since the beginning was Joe the underdog, he showed himself very well against Ashley. My favorite shooter now is Jamie hands down, he has been to the elimination round more that any other and has fought through it with honors. He keeps his composure under extreme pressure and overall kept his cool while being scrutinized by the bully Ashley. I would be very happy to see Jamie become this seasons Top Shot..

  4. I am not sure why this is called “top shot”. Cause allowing the guys to vote who goes to elimitations is asking the GIRLS CLUB to vote those who were better shots off. There was nothing that said do well and you go to the next round .It’s if you got Women like George putting guys like Jamie going ABOVE AND BEYOND until they finally fall off.

  5. I love the show and would like to find out how I can qualify for casting on the next season?

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