Top Shot Reloaded, Episode 1: Colby’s Take

Colby Donaldson, host of Top Shot offers some insider information about Episode 1.

I’ve not yet seen last night’s episode of Top Shot — my two year old did had a hard time going to bed last night — so I haven’t read Colby’s run-down yet. I want to keep things as spoiler-free as possible. I did hear from a friend that it was better than last season’s episodes, even with one of the guys breaking down in tears.

Last season, episodes were up on Hulu after airing on TV. I’m hopeful that Hulu will air the episodes this season as well. If so, I’ll be posting the Hulu video here.

One thought on “Top Shot Reloaded, Episode 1: Colby’s Take

  1. The first episode was a nice change from last season, got right down into the shooting. I personally think this season is going to be better then last season, for two reasons. First, the second year of any series is going to better then the first because they feel they have to outdo the first year, so I bet we can look forward to some great explosions and amazing shooting(I hope) , and second, this year I got an HD television, and wow the difference I see in the picture is just amazing. I got a 50 inch and put a new DISH network HD receiver behind it, working at DISH Network made the choice simple, all my HD for free on any top package, seemed like a good bulls-eye.

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